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FAQ #1 Where can I find other members' ratings?

Click the "Feedback and Security" tab and search using all or part of the member's username.

FAQ #2 May I change my feedback for another member?

Yes. Simply re-enter your feedback and your most recent comments and ratings will override the existing feedback and ratings.

FAQ #3 My Ratings

Each member has a ratings page that allows other users to determine a number of facts about the seller:

  1. Location
  2. Join date on the system
  3. Number of ads placed on the system
  4. The number of good, OK and poor ratings the user has received. These figures are broken down into; (i) the past 3 months, (ii) past 3-6 months (iii) > 6 months.

Below the rating summary are the indivdual ratings, themselves.

FAQ #4 Where can I find my ratings?

You may either;

  1. Click the "My Account" tab and then click the "My Ratings" link, or
  2. Click the "Feedback & Security" tab and search for your username.